Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Garage sale bargain

We were taking our boys to garage sales for a while there as we were trying to teach them that they could get better value for their pocket money that way and that it was much better for the environment (less landfill etc) and while they always managed to find some great toy or new books I was lucky enough to find a few bargains for myself too.

I was pretty excited when I picked up this lot of wadding/batting (still not sure what it is called) and heaps of fusible fleece for $20 even if I didn't really know what I would use it for.

I grabbed some fabric bits and pieces too including this partial layer cake.

I had used a couple of pieces of this to make a little zippered pouch  but still had about 20 squares left.

A suggestion from my Sister in-law the other night inspired me to have a go at making a quilt. I thought that these squares would be perfect for my first practice run.

This rag quilt design is so perfect for a beginner, I love it!
No real science to it just arrange the squares in a way that you think looks good and it's all straight stitching from there. What could be easier!

Cutting up the batting was a bit of a chore but with only 16 squares to do it didn't take all that long and by the end of the night I had my first little quilt made (well, lap rug really).

I think I like the Raggy side best but they are both nice.

It really was a great little project, so quick and easy to make and lots of fun. I will definitely be making more of these :)

I will be sharing my quilt on the following linky parties:

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Michelle :)