Thursday, June 25, 2015

Little zippered pouch

I really wanted to sew last night but I didn't know what.
So I had a look in my cupboard at my little stash and was hoping that inspiration might jump out at me......nope.
I decided to grab the layer cake (well part of one I think) that I picked up at a garage sale and wondered what I could make with these little pieces of fabric.

I'm not brave enough to try tackling a quilt yet, although one made of these fabrics would be absolutely gorgeous.

In the end I thought that I would make myself a little zippered pouch to carry my phone and keys in when I walk down to the school to pick up my youngest two boys.

Certainly nothing fancy but a practical, quick little project.

Not that you can see it in the photos but I boxed the bottom corners just a little bit and I used some fusible fleece to give my phone a little extra protection and I lined the pouch with another piece of the layer cake.

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Michelle :o)

Friday, June 19, 2015

It's just a blur..

The last six months that is.

I can't believe that it has been that long since I had my sewing machine out. It's not from lack of wanting to that is for sure it has just been so crazy busy around here. Since starting homeschooling for our eldest son (he's 12) I have been so busy trying to fit all my "must do's" around his school schedule that there has been very little time for the "I would like to's" and I'm guilty of falling asleep as soon as my backside settles on the couch in the evenings when normally I would be getting my machine out and getting creative. But I was given a much needed infusion of creative inspiration when my lovely, wonderful, special Mum sent me an early birthday pressie of a gorgeous bundle of fabrics and a not so subtle hint that she needed a new toiletry bag.

I did a quick browse on Pinterest (who am I kidding, there is no such thing as a quick browse on Pinterest, lol) and stumbled across this great pattern for a Boxy Bag from So-Sew-Easy.

The Boxy Bag Pattern.  Great for a lunch box, cosmetics or toiletries bag, mini holdall for the beach, traveling and more.  Soft and padded but sturdy.  From So Sew Easy.
I was a little daunted at first, thinking it looked a bit complicated for a beginner but it was actually really simple and a lot of fun to make.
My Mum had sent me some fat quarters and unfortunately the base of the bag required some fabric that was a bit bigger than a fat quarter so I decided to use some co-ordinating fabric from my stash instead.

It all came together quite quickly and I forgot to take progress photos as I went along (I'm out of practice with this blogging business).

There was a bit of hand sewing involved with the lining, something I am still getting the hang of.

This is a great sized toiletry bag. Final measurements are approximately
19cm wide
13cm deep
14cm high

Over all I am really happy with how well this turned out and how quick it was to make, just a few hours start to finish (for me as a beginner). 

I'm so happy to have my creative mojo back (Thanks Mum!).

I hope to be back with more little projects for you soon.

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Michelle :o)